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Whitewater Team Order Form

  • Kayak Order

    Please fill in your kayak order here. If a team member chooses a color preference on the form, it indicates that they intend to pay the $50 up-charge to secure that color of kayak. As such, a $50 up-charge will be applied to that order. Please note, even putting "Top Choices 1,2, and 3" will accrue a $50 up-charge. If you do not want the $50 up-charge, you must type 'no preference' under the Color Preference field and the $50 fee will not be applied. Team members may call in prior to ordering to check which colors are in blem-stock to also avoid an up-charge. Custom colors are $200 for team members. Complex blends may cost more. Solid colors, even if in year-model stock are considered custom colors and will accrue a $200 custom color charge. All Team kayaks are marked "BLEM".
  • List color, colors, or custom
  • List color, colors, or custom
  • List color, colors, or custom
  • List color, colors, or custom
  • Custom Color Kayaks

    Describe the custom color pattern you want. There is a place to upload example pictures of what you want.
  • Accessories

  • Accessory list and order forms are in the JK Team Dropbox Folder. Copy and paste the link below to access dropbox. If you don't already have any account, you will need to sign up for one (don't worry it's free). Also, you will have to log in for the link to work.
    Select where you want the kayaks shipped. Note if you select to ship to dealer, MAKE sure they have agreed to receive and hold your order.
  • Credit Card Info

    Your order will need to be manually entered into the JK order system. Once that is done you will be sent an order confirmation to the email address you entered above (be sure you entered it correctly). Do not call customer service until you receive your order confirmation. Then Call Customer Service with your confirmation number and give them your credit card info. YOUR ORDER CANNOT BE PROCESSED until you do so. 931.738.2800 ext. 1.