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Unlikely Paddlefest

Unlikely Paddlefest is an unofficial paddling festival, organized by paddlers for paddlers. Really - it's more like a gathering of friends, old and new, for an amazing four days at the end of the paddling season. It is based out of the Quesnel Forks campground, just...

The Lower Yough Is Actually Quite Fun

In the summers, I work and paddle on the Yough River. Since I only live 10-15 minutes from the Lower Yough put-in and I'm usually too busy with work on the weekends, I spend a lot of time paddling that section. It can sometimes get a bit boring running the same few...

Super Swell Summer 2021

Hurricane weather has dumped lots of rain and produced huge swell off the East Coast this summer and fall. Earlier this month, a magical convergence of two hurricanes and some luck produced some gentle(ish) giant waves off the Maine coast. Coincidentally, Alex Nicks...

The Only Way (OUT) is Up

Submitted by Mylo Nicholas In September when the rivers are low, there can still be sections left to explore. The Arc River, in the Maurienne Valley (French Alps), is not frequently paddled, due to restricted sections and dam controls, but can offer some incredible...

Inner City Kids Camp 2022

Inner City Kids Camp 2022 Inner City Kids Camp or Jessie’s Kids Camp are the two names for one week of my year depending on who you ask, they represent a week of kayaking for kids from disadvantaged homes. Through the years, since 2002 to be exact, Jessie Stone, my...

Issie’s summer in Nottingham & competing in the British Championships

Submitted by Issie Wormall This summer I have spent weeks paddling at Holme Pierrepont Nottingham training for the British Championships and for Team GB selections. My time training on inlet gate and twin since the start of the summer improved massively, on inlet it...

3 ways to improve your freestyle surfing

3 ways to improve your freestyle surfing Here is a quick video on improving your freestyle kayaking. Moving around on the wave is a fundamental skill that these three tips can help you improve on. SO, make notes and most importantly let me know what I missed for the...

Kayaking my hometown Class V run – Deckers Creek (Pioneer Rocks Section) in Morgantown, WV

submitted by Christina Kossis Decker’s Creek is my local run, just 20 minutes from my house. It’s a short, stout class V roadside section located in southeast Morgantown, WV that needs over an inch of rain to get pumping and often flashes quickly. It is ideal to catch...

How to paddle through breaking waves

How to paddle through breaking waves A pretty straight forward break down of how to paddle through breaking waves ft Sattlers Wave on the Ottawa RIver

Comparisons of the Generations of Jackson Zen

Comparisons of the Generations of Jackson Zen - With Jackson’s kayak model, the Zen, all three generations have different characteristics to make them fairly unlike each other. In my experiences I love them all for different reasons. The first gen was super easy to...


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Orion 35 quart cooler

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JK Flatbill Snapback

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