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Take your freestyle paddling to new heights with the RockStar V.


Break through your comfort zone at any level on the water.


Learn why the new Antix 2.0 will be come your go-to boat.


Get bigger air than you ever thought possible in your playboat.


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Jackson Kayak

Rockstar V


[Video] Freestyle Kayaking: How to Spin

The spin is one of the most un tricks that you will learn pretty early on in your freestyle career but don't sleep on it, if you build bad habits on this trick you will hinder your progress on future tricks. Pay attention and get after it. Of course Have fun too....

Wesley’s 2021 Rain Gauge Report

The spread sheets below are data from my rain gauge I have installed at my house in Elizabethton, TN. It’s a true nerdy rain gauge measuring precipitation to the nearest 1/100th of an inch daily. 2021 turned out to be a less than an average year for rainfall for our...

1 Simple tip that WILL improve your kayaking

Nothing complicated, nothing crazy just one surefire way to make everything you do in a kayak a little easier. Or your money back. VIDEO LINK:

Antix on North Chick’s Bowling Alley

Bennett Smith and I took our new Jackson Antix Mediums out for a downriver freestyle session on North Chickamauga Creek's Bowling Alley section. Bennett proved that you don't need big features to go big. Watch the video to see his kickflip off an exposed rock!...

Adventuring with Kids: How to get geared up for cold water paddling with Mathis Hargrove

HOW TO'S WITH THE HARGROVE CREW Mathis leads us in a video as he gets geared up in his cold gear layers, for a fun day of kayaking on the Nantahala River, in Bryson City, North Carolina. Staying warm and comfortable plays a huge part in having a GREAT DAY on the...

Avoiding the imminent ear surgery that every kayaker will face without protection.

Every sport has its inherent risks, but like many paddlers before me and plenty of paddlers after me I had no idea just how imminent Surfer's Ear really was. I'm not talking about swimmer's ear or simple ear infections. This is a video warning of the inevitable bone...

Around Home – 2021 Whitewater Kayaking

Most of my 2021 was spent around home. Low water persisted most of the season, but we made the most of it. Got in a few playboating sessions, some riversurfing, a couple trips to the Northwoods, and a bunch of stern squirt twirls. River fun is where you find it....

Fine tuning your Bee’s Knees for optimum performance

Fine tuning your Bee's Knees for optimum performance Got a new JK boat? Congrats! You'll notice the Bee's Knees right away - it's our biggest outfitting upgrade in a decade! Don't forget these are 100% adjustable and may require some playing with depending on your...

A guide to paddling in Ecuador

A guide to paddling in Ecuador Christina Kossis & Alex Horne Flights and Transport: Flights into Ecuador will bring you to the nation’s capital, Quito. From here, you have two options for transportation to your first or final destination: Taxi - For our trip we...

5 Benefits to Going to Roll Sessions this Winter

Submitted by Christina Kossis  1. Muscle Memory – whether you’re new to rolling or an “expert” who never flips it’s important to keep your body in tune. You can dial in all the moves, whether it’s your first roll or advancing to on and offside sweep and back deck...


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Happy Seat, Happy Thruster Combo



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Orion 35 quart cooler

Orion Coolers

Orion 35


JK Flatbill Snapback

Jackson Kayak

Snapback Flatbill JK Hat


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