Hargrove Family

Name:  The Hargrove Crew (Matt, Melissa, Mason, Makinley Kate, Mary Claire, and Mathis Hargrove)
Dates of Birth:  Matt- 01/04, Melissa- 03/13, Mason- 04/17, Makinley Kate- 08/19, Mary Claire- 12/02, Mathis- 07/24
Ages: 5 – 40
Home River:  Chattahoochee River, in the Uptown area of Columbus, Georgia.  This dam released river always has water that is full of features for every age and level paddler, at any level that it is running.
Favorite Boats:  Matt- Antix, Melissa- Small Rockstar, Mason- Small Rockstar 4.0, Makinley Kate- Extra Small Rockstar, Mary Claire- Shooting Star, Mathis- Fun One
Favorite Festivals:  Paddle South in Columbus, Georgia, FIBArk in Salida, Colorado
What Drives Our Family:  Our family of six loves sharing the JOY of just being together, seeking adventures that turn into lasting memories, and inspiring others to join in on the fun of the outdoors.  Our greatest times together have been in our kayaks while on the river.  Many feel the age of your child(ren) limits what you are able to experience. However, we hope to encourage others that with a little drive, flexibility, and sense of adventure, any size family with children of any age can enjoy jumping into a kayak.  God has blessed us with an amazing family and we believe the time is now, to create unplugged adventures, making every moment with our kids count.
Favorite Quote:“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln
Fun Fact About Our Family:  We have been a licensed Foster Family since 2011.  All children should have an example of what a family looks like. Ours might be one tent short of a circus, but it’s full of love and structure that we feel is an important part of raising children.
Why Kayaking:  Kayaking is so much more than a sport.  It has turned into an epic adventure, full of travel and meeting amazing people. Kayaking gives us opportunities for unplugged family time on the river, creating an enjoyment that we have not been able to duplicate with any other activity.
Why Jackson Kayak:  Jackson Kayak creates a solid boat for any size and aged boater.  If this is not reason enough to love a brand, Jackson Kayak is also a community that supports you and cheers you on to accomplish your goals.
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