Jean Wilson

Cheers! My name is Jean Wilson and I live in Tallahassee, Florida. My love affair with kayak fishing has been a lifelong evolution that encompasses my wonder and awe of nature, a burning desire to learn all I can about the waters, a sense of adventure and a means to get to out of the way secluded places to find these fish that I cherish! The panhandle of Florida allows me to fish year round and is such a biologically diverse gem where I am still discovering it's neverending secrets.
My exposure to fishing was limited to family outings at the beach catching small sharks and catfish on cut mullet. But my parents, who grew up in New York City, indulged my love of nature by allowing me to explore for hours on end puddles of tadpoles and whatever I could dredge up in streams and ponds and tidal flats. I instilled in my daughter, and hopefully many of her friends, this same love of the outdoors.  The fishing was self-taught over the years and continues to this day with constant trial and error. Getting into a kayak to fish opened my world up immensely and became a wonderful way of life!
My Jackson fishing kayaks allow me to stand or sit comfortably all day. They include the Big Rig, Cuda 14 and my constant companion, the Coosa HD which is perfect for the diverse fishing I do on the lakes, rivers and saltwater flats and creeks. She is either on the waters or on the ready in the back of my truck. It's great fun to catch trout, redfish and flounder at the coast but my real love now is bass fishing for Largemouth and Suwannees. As I venture further from my home waters I look forward to expanding to other species and the ecosystems that they inhabit.
Every time I go kayak fishing I still feel that same exhilaration, amazement, wonder and adventure that I did as a kid. I love to help others find their joy out on the water.