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Introducing the new Core Series of Orion Coolers. Same bomber cooler.
New lower price point. New accessory collections.


Standing pad, gear track, tie downs, cam straps, fishing rod
and drink holders equip your cooler for a full day of fun on the water.


Let our gear track, wheels, side table and cutting board
divider insert elevate your culinary experience.


Orion Core Series

Orion Core 25


Orion Core Series

Orion Core 35


Orion Core Series

Orion Core 45


Orion Core Series

Orion Core 65


Orion Core Series

Orion Core 85



orion cooler pads, original logo

Orion Core Accessory

Orion Cooler Pads

$59.99 - $99.99

Orion Core Accessory

Gear Track For Orion Core 25 & 45


Orion Core Accessory

Gear Track For Orion Core 35


Orion Core Accessory

Gear Track For Orion Core 65 & 85


Orion Core Accessory

Orion Cooler STAR Logo Pads

$59.99 - $99.99


From dockside to topside, our Boating Collection contains everything you need to turn your cooler into a valued part of your crew! This collection includes the rail system for your cooler, two cup holders, two Yak Attack Omega rod holders and dual-layered, slip-resistant pad by Marine Mat. Take your time on the water to the next level with your Orion decked out specifically for boating!

Our Kitchen Collection contains everything you need to turn your cooler into the perfect kitchen companion! This collection includes the rail system for your cooler, a divider/cutting board insert, our Utilitop, and the Flip Flop Cart to wheel your cooler wherever it’s needed. Rails and divider are sized specifically for your cooler. Available exclusively for Orion 65 and 85q sizes.

Whether fishing from the dock, pier, bank or beach, our Fishing Collection has the tools you’ll need for fun and fishing on the water. Collection includes gear tracks, two Yak Attack Omega fishing rod holders, dual-layered Marine Mat cushioned pad and cutting board/divider insert*. Simply install your gear tracks and let your cooler hold your drink and rods while you kick back and focus on fishing!
*25 quart collection does not include divider.

KCCB Tweetsie Trail & APE Quarry Cleanup

On Saturday, April 17, 2021 the Appalachian Paddling Enthusiasts – partnered with Keep Carter County Beautiful - for an Earth Day service project to cleanup a local trail system and adjacent quarry pond. The two groups...

The Best Berner-Oberland Biathlon

Ah, Spring! We wait for it all year. No matter what’s going on in the world, like for example a pandemic, the eruption of Spring energy, joy of flowers blooming, birds singing, animals jumping around their pastures and warm sunshine, lure us outside to soak up this...

“This Boat is Fun Even on Small water”

Submitted by Jack Newland What's up guys, I was down at one of my local spots the other weekend. Nothing huge just good fun class 2, with clear drinkable water. It's actually one of my favourite spots to hang out over summer. I decided to take my Nirvana out for a...

Lower Salmon Trip Report

In our first quarter at World Class Academy, we were lucky enough to receive a permit for the Lower Salmon. The Lower Salmon consists of 60 miles of a pristine river, weaving in and out of deep gorges. It wasn’t the most challenging section of river as it consisted of...

Packing for a Raft Supported Grand Canyon Trip

There are many lists online to guide packing for a Grand Canyon river trip. The packing list I provide is aimed to help those packing for a trip during the warm/hot months. Our trip was from August – September and a mix of kayakers and rafts. Temperatures exceeded 100...

The struggles of being DEAF for over 5 months and HOW TO AVOID it

I’m sure most of you have heard about surfer’s ear and that you should wear earplugs when kayaking or doing any watersports for that matter. Like me, you probably disregarded most of the comments and continued enjoying your time on the water without protection. Well,...

ACA River Kayak Committee

Since January 2018, I have been fortunate to be a member of the American Canoe Association (ACA) River Kayak Discipline Committee. Prior to being on this committee, I served as an ACA State Director of South Carolina, ACA Director of North Carolina, and then as a...

Core Fitness for Kayaking | How to Get Your Core All Fired Up!

Depending on where you are and what your opportunities are to get outside, you may or may not be using your core on a regular basis, but no doubt everyone wants to be in the best shape possible to take advantage of paddling as soon as it is possible. To that end, I...

Working from Home | A Kayakers Guide

Over the past few weeks I have had a number of discussions on working from home with friends that are accustom to going to an office every day, and are now trying to transition to a new reality. That transition can actually be a bit of a challenge, so I figured it was...

Navigating the Corona Quarantine 2020 | Dr. Jessie Stone

Well here we are, Juerg and myself, in self quarantine at home in Switzerland after being infected by one of Juerg’s guiding clients. Today is day 9 of quarantine, things are going well. Switzerland went on lock down 1 week ago and all non-essential businesses shut...


Orion Coolers

Orion Buckboard Cutlery Kit


Orion Coolers



Orion Coolers

Flip Flop Cart


Orion Coolers

Orion HandiBak