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Whatever the fishery, the YuPIK offers nearly limitless options for customizing your adventure.


Find out why the Coosa excels in small-water fisheries.


Discover why the Kilroy HD is the new standard in versatility.


Discover the ways our 360 Pro helps you be a better angler.


Pedal, Paddle and Power options are all
here now with the introduction of the Flex Drive E.


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Bluesky Boatworks

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Heavy Metal Lures For Multi-Species

Late fall and early winter can be a great time to get out on the water. The pleasure boaters have packed it up for the year, and many other anglers shift their focus onto the hunting season. These past few weekends I have taken my Big Rig FD out on a traditionally...

Blade Baits For Multi-Species

Scott Brands takes the BigRig FD out onto Boyd Lake in Loveland, CO to do some multi-species angling utilizing blade baits.

Kayak fishing Louisiana PT 2 Chasing Redfish

In this part two of our shoot in 2017 The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons hits the marshes in Louisiana with Jackson Kayaks Jameson Redding looking for big reds while avoiding the storms. Jameson Joins Jim for this live airing sharing memories of the trip. Watch...

Kayak Fishing for Fall Trout

Scott Brands takes the Bigrig FD out to the Rocky Mountains in search for fall trout!

Seigler Reels, how it’s made

Season Eight Episode 13 of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons In this part two of our trip to Virginia we are joined by Wes Seigler of Seigler Reels, we get a look behind the scenes and see how a reel is made. We do a bit of fishing too. Join us for this airing...

Fall Feed On The River

My fall is my favorite time of the year to fish for big river smallmouth. While outdoorsman are focused on hunting season, the fall is an absolute smash feast on the river. Smallmouth are feeding heavily as the winter months approach. They want food and lots of it to...

The Kayak Fishing Show in Puerto Rico with Omar Orraca Pt 2

Season 8 Episode 10 Part Two of our final shoot with our good friend Omar Orraca, who passed suddenly last week. Omar was a great friend and wonderful guide who will be missed by many. I feel lucky to have these shows as memories of our times fishing together. Joining...

Fishing During The Elk Rut

Scott Brands enjoys a morning on Lake Estes in Estes Park, CO just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. The elk rut has begun in the area so lsiten closely to hear the elk bugle in the background!

The Kayak Fishing Show Season 8 episode 9, Tarpon in Puerto Rico PT 1

In honor of the passing of our good friend Omar Orraca, I am airing this episode shot on our last visit to Puerto Rico. Joining me on the trip was James McBeath from Jackson Kayak. This is the first of two episodes shot from that trip. Please join me for this airing...

CKFC Tournament – Boyd Lake, CO

The Colorado Kayak Fishing Club (CKFC) held their fourth bass tournament of the year on Boyd Lake in Loveland, CO on August 21. The dog days of summer can prove to be quite difficult when it comes to catching fish in Colorado. Not only do you have to deal with the...