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Whatever the fishery, the YuPIK offers nearly limitless options for customizing your adventure.


Find out why the Coosa excels in small-water fisheries.


Discover why the Kilroy HD is the new standard in versatility.


Discover the ways our 360 Pro helps you be a better angler.


Pedal, Paddle and Power options are all
here now with the introduction of the Flex Drive E.


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Jackson Kayak

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Top Veteran Rehabilitation Programs

Top Veteran Rehabilitation Programs Since 911, Desert Storm, the War in Afghanistan, the Iraqi War and other conflicts that are currently going on. There are many organizations that address the various challenges that Veterans are attempting to overcome in their...

3 People Every Outdoors Person Needs

Taking What the Water Gives You

I fished the Elite Kayak Fishing Even on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH on August 14th. This lake has been feast or famine for me over the last 5 years. I have put up 40 fish in a day, and I’ve gone back out to the same spot and caught 0 fish. It’s the typical Love/Hate...

Beware the TEETH! | Dealing with Toothy Fish

Beware the TEETH! | Dealing with Toothy Fish Who says big fish with sharp, fang-like teeth can only be found in oceans? Introducing the freshwater gamefish, Northern Pike and Muskellunge. Both are part of the Esox family and are known for their feistiness and bad dude...

Summer Trophy Bass Hunting

Summer Trophy Bass Hunting Most fishermen believe the best time for hunting a trophy bass is spring or fall. You can make a great case for catching big bass those times of the year but don’t discount summer. Understanding the fish and its lifestyle is critical to the...

Fishing The Wild West TV……in a Kayak

This past spring I had the wonderful fortune to be apart of a kayak angling experience like none other. If you live in Western Canada, heck, if you watch all the fishing show’s on the networks like I do, then chances are you’ve heard of Fishing the Wild Wes TV with...

The Kayak Fishing Show visits the Moutcha Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament S8E7

In this live airing episode of The Kayak fishing Show with Jim Sammons, Jim is joined by an old friend to fish this awesome area of British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Moutcha Bay resort makes a great destination of all kayak anglers and has a yearly kayak fishing...

The Way 2 Weigh | Tips on Weighing Big Bass

The Way 2 Weigh | Tips on Weighing Big Bass By Bill Schultz As someone who has maintained a fishing log since rekindling my interest in fishing in 1992, you’d probably expect that I weigh my bigger smallmouth bass. And, you’d be right. Having caught and released over...

Quick Gear Mounting Tip

When it comes to tournament fishing I’m all about efficiency and maximizing my time. I don’t want to spend unnecessary time organizing or moving around gear. I want quick and I want dependable solutions to my gear management so my sole focus can be on fishing. With...

The Kayak Fishing Show in Canada with Brock Zeman

S8E6 Today in this live airing of The Kayak Fishing show with Jim Sammons, I will be filling you all in on what has been going on with the show, showing the teaser for the next episode and airing a past episode in which I fish with Brock Zeman, the dude behind the...


fishing tourney kit

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Tournament Ready Kit


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Orion 35 quart cooler

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