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The Unabridged Adventures of Jackson Kayak

I get a lot of questions about Jackson Kayak, as you can imagine.  I spent the weekend at Gauley Festival, talking to kayakers who I have had on water experiences with as far back as the 80’s, up to the newbie kayaker just getting into the sport.     Then, there is my...

Flex Drive 3D- Generation 2

A dive into the making-of, and the redesign of the most versatile kayak drive system today. When we set out to create a system to drive a kayak with your feet, or a motor, we wanted to eliminate the challenges that existing systems had and create the most user...

The new Flex Drive E motor

I took a close look at the new Flex Drive E and I am absolutely thrilled! Kick back and let your Flex Drive E Motor do the work. Compatible with all Flex Drive-equipped boats from Jackson Kayak and Blue Sky Boatworks, the Flex Drive E is an electric drive that interchanges with the pedal drive […]

Jackson Innovators: David Knight

Whitewater Designer/Innovator David spent 30+ years working at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Bethesda, Maryland as a naval architect.     His experience in structures and design along with him being a whitewater paddler peaked his interest in kayak design.  ...

Jackson Innovators: Tony Lee

Kayak Designer/Innovator Tony was R+D manager and designer at Dagger Kayaks for 12 years and had his hands in projects working with Perception, Mainstream, and Islander before Joining the Jackson Kayak team.  Some of the best selling boats Tony found himself involved...

Jackson Innovation: The New Flex Drive 3D

Jackson Kayak will be unveiling its new Flex Drive system, the FlexDrive3D at the annual Paddle Sports Retailer show (PSR) this coming week in Oklahoma City.  The FD 3D is the product of two years of constant evolution in three key components to the Flex Drive...

Flex Drive 3D

From stem to stern, FlexDrive 3D integrates propulsion, power and steering into a unified system that delivers appareled user versatility, efficiency, and convenience on the water. Designed from the water up for maximum performance, intuitive use and ease of maintenance; FlexDrive empowers anglers, sportsmen and enthusiasts to get closer to the action.


  • Only true shallow water drive without lifting out entire system.
  • Converts to FD-e motor with two hand tightened nuts.
  • 12:1 ratio pedal system for speed and smooth performance

Hull Design

For 15 years, Jackson has been designing hulls that improves performance, stability and speed. Our design team are made up of some of the best shapers in the business, legends who have pioneered kayak shapes for decades. The result are the best performing kayaks and boats in the paddle sports world. Those results mean our customers are safe and rewarded with easy paddling water craft that makes their day on the water that much more enjoyable.


  • Secondary stability
  • Freestyle parting lines for advanced moves
  • Tracking
  • Speed management

Coolers and Kennels

Jackson has reinvented both the cooler and kennel worlds with a series of innovations that have changed the game for ever. As fans of the outdoors, we have long been using products that we feel had room for major improvements. Our approach first started by solving the issues at hand so we added better insulation to our coolers, more convenient tie-down points, extra protection for the plastic, safety features for pets and humans, shapes that fit everywhere and accessories that make sense to your adventures. The end result is our Orion line of products allowing complete customization to match the adventure you are on.


  • Increased insulation, longer ice retention
  • 6 tie-down points per cooler, 360 securing for kennels
  • Snagless latches
  • Tight fit design to fit naturally in vehicles, boats and when storing
  • Corner protection with metal edges to prevent cracking from contact

Fishing Outfitting

Jackson was the first to take a step back to the drawing board to create the most convenient fishing platforms on the market. Our designers and spearheading team members guide our fishing deck layouts for the convenience of all anglers. The result has been a steady stream of innovation in and around how we fish from kayaks and boats. Rod protection, gear storage, tool placement and storage management are just a few samples of the innovation we have lead with over the years.


  • Rod protectors
  • Tackle box storage to the side and under seat
  • Rod staging systems
  • Tie-down points around the hull
  • Fly patches
  • Dry storage day hatches
  • Snag free decking
  • Paddle holders
  • Gear tracks in strategic places around the boats