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The Only Way (OUT) is Up

Submitted by Mylo Nicholas In September when the rivers are low, there can still be sections left to explore. The Arc River, in the Maurienne Valley (French Alps), is not frequently paddled, due to restricted sections and dam controls, but can offer some incredible...

Issie’s summer in Nottingham & competing in the British Championships

Submitted by Issie Wormall This summer I have spent weeks paddling at Holme Pierrepont Nottingham training for the British Championships and for Team GB selections. My time training on inlet gate and twin since the start of the summer improved massively, on inlet it...

2021 Competition season!

submitted by Maja Kawczynska Hello friends, It’s me again - Maja from Poland. I would like to share with all the exciting things that happened to me after my trip to France, which I wrote to you about previously. I spent the second part of my holidays in a kayak....

Beware the TEETH! | Dealing with Toothy Fish

Beware the TEETH! | Dealing with Toothy Fish Who says big fish with sharp, fang-like teeth can only be found in oceans? Introducing the freshwater gamefish, Northern Pike and Muskellunge. Both are part of the Esox family and are known for their feistiness and bad dude...

Ekstremsportveko Extreme Kayak Race

Submitted by Andi Brunner Due to Covid, the Ekstremsport Veko lost the title of World Championship this year but fortunately, the event could still happen! Despite the fact that lots of people didn't manage to get into the country, we still had around 40 racers from...

Fishing The Wild West TV……in a Kayak

This past spring I had the wonderful fortune to be apart of a kayak angling experience like none other. If you live in Western Canada, heck, if you watch all the fishing show’s on the networks like I do, then chances are you’ve heard of Fishing the Wild Wes TV with...

The Kayak Fishing Show visits the Moutcha Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament S8E7

In this live airing episode of The Kayak fishing Show with Jim Sammons, Jim is joined by an old friend to fish this awesome area of British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Moutcha Bay resort makes a great destination of all kayak anglers and has a yearly kayak fishing...

First Descent of the Upper Rutor Waterfalls (Cascate Del Rutor)

submitted by Mylo Nicholas This was one of my biggest missions yet. And I didn't even paddle very much XD. Running the Upper Rutor Waterfalls in Italy. The Cascate del Rutor are a famous series of 200m drops that fall down the mountain from the glacier into the...

My thoughts of the 2022 Freestyle World Championships Feature

submitted by James Ward Over the past few weeks I’ve managed to paddle at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham. This is where the 2022 Freestyle World championships will be taking place. The feature that it’s taking place has been made ready for the competition and I’ve had...

European Championship Extreme Kayaking

Submitted by Andi Brunner King of the Alps is one of the biggest kayak events in Europe and 2021 it was the european championship of extreme kayaking. The event took place on June 5th in South Tyrol, Italy. Luckily, most of the european countries eased up their travel...
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