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Norwegian Quizz

Quizz are very popular in Norway and here is one for you kayaker! 1. Which of those animals has not been observed while kayaking in Trondelag (middle Norway) this year ? A salmon B bear C lynx 2. How do you name a squirrel in Voss dialect ? A magic mouse (magiskmus) B...

Makinito Contest 2021

Submitted by Maja Kawczynska I have just come back from France where I took part in the first international competition in my life, in which I performed in the team colours of Czaplicki Fun. The contest took place over the weekend, July the 3rd/4th, in Makinito,...

Rainy Spring Creeking – Rivière d’Ay and a Failed Mission on the Ozon

We had a really rainy spring, meaning that we could go paddling on the winter runs in warm temperatures, it was so nice!!! Tom, Mateo and I ran 2 laps on a high water classic, the Rivière d'Ay, a full on 2km gorge with continuous rapids. After they left, my friend...

Little Shredder Maja checks in from Germany

Submitted by Maja Kawczynska Isar Welle in Plattling, Germany is my favourite place for kayak freestyle in Europe. You can use white water waves and holes there to perform surf and gymnastic-style manoeuvres and tricks. High water and the current allow me to surf and...

Dziki Kon wave Dunajec

When the water in south starts to drop after big rains, Dunajec river collects all the high water from it's tribiutaries hitting record levels brining out another wave to life in Ostrów, we called it "Wild Horse". Wave is great for the beginners, very easy and...

Zarabie Raba

Once in a while water in Raba rises creating a great wave in Myślenice, south of Cracow. It used to be even more amazing however the weir got filled with rocks and now it is a medium size wave which yet we enjoy every time it comes in! It is not an easy wave or one...

East Kiewa, a True Aussie Classic

Hey Guys. Late last year I had the chance to paddle an unreal class 4 creek, The East Kiewa in the Victorian High country. This river is non stop joy, with so many good lines to hit. The first lap took almost 2 hours, but once we got our lines dialled in we where...

You can’t beat big wave freestyle!!!

What's up Guys? A couple of months ago I had the chance to shed some big waves at the surf with some mates. Where I live we have some unreal beach surfing days, and this day was no different. It was made even better with a carbon playboat. 8 foot clean waves makes for...

S8E5 Our Kayak Fishing Adventure in Canada continues

In this weeks live airing of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons from 2016 we continue our adventure in Canada. This week Will Richardson steps out from behind the camera and gets to wet a line as we fish in his neck of the woods. We are also joined by Roberto...

Local big water in a Playboat!!

Hey Guys, a about 2 years ago my local river, The Barwon River Flooded, this is possibly my favourite section in the entire world, mainly because its 3 minuets from my house. Its such a fun section to with a lot of gradient. You can do 30 minuet laps and do 10 plus...
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Name: Andrea Caocci Hometown, Country: Oristano Sardinia Italy Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Website: Kayak(s): Kraken Elite 15.5, Coosa FD, (Cuda 12 and Cuda 14 in past) Future kayak: Cuda HD Equipment: a lot of equipment for Spinning – Trolling – VJ – SlowVJ Freshwater, saltwater: Both Favorite Fish: I love all fishes […]

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