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Family fun with a Jackson

Jackson Kayak has become part of our family and we look forward to our kids someday riding a jackson down the river.

Lower Yuba river

I am relatively new to kayaking and have tried a few different boats trying to find one that was comfortable and gave me confidence . I have always been in to skateboarding , snowboarding , and mountain biking , but at 35 … I’m a little more timid learning...

Bryan in his Fun1

This is my 6yo son, Bryan, in his FUN1 on Grandpa’s pond in Oneonta, NY. I paddle a Super Star Classic. Even though it is much more “playboat” then I’ll ever need I love the boat. It is very comfortable for me. I feel very much in control, even...
Reno River Festival, 2011

Reno River Festival, 2011

This weekend I competed in The Reno River Festival where I had a great time and I was happy to see all of my friends. I competed in freestyle on Friday and I was 2nd behind Hannah Kertesz, and Emery Tillman was 3rd. It was held in hole 3 on the North Channel but the...