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[Video] Freestyle Kayaking: How to Spin

The spin is one of the most un tricks that you will learn pretty early on in your freestyle career but don't sleep on it, if you build bad habits on this trick you will hinder your progress on future tricks. Pay attention and get after it. Of course Have fun too....

First Time Kayak Buyer’s Guide

It's that time of year. New kayaks are hitting the showroom floors. This is also the season when people start thinking of getting one or two new kayaks. Many times those people thinking about it will be first time owners. To simplify some potential heartache, I submit...

Wonder About winter? | Winter Kayak Fishing How-To

Wonder About Winter? After flipping the calendar over to a new year often kayakers are faced with what to do about winter. Gone are the 80-degree days, gentle summer breezes, water is clear and cold. Depending on your geographic location you may be drilling though the...

Taking a Newbie Kayak Fishing

Most of my free time during the year is spent traveling for tournaments. However, this year I had the chance to do something different and exciting. I took my wife (fiancé at the time) kayak fishing on my favorite body of water, the Susquehanna River. My wife isn’t...

1 Simple tip that WILL improve your kayaking

Nothing complicated, nothing crazy just one surefire way to make everything you do in a kayak a little easier. Or your money back. VIDEO LINK:

Antix on North Chick’s Bowling Alley

Bennett Smith and I took our new Jackson Antix Mediums out for a downriver freestyle session on North Chickamauga Creek's Bowling Alley section. Bennett proved that you don't need big features to go big. Watch the video to see his kickflip off an exposed rock!...

Where To Fish When Main River Channels Are Blown Out

submitted by Kayak Mike I am mainly a catfish guy; however, in the Midwest this theory applies to literally every species. When I was throwing my net for shad I caught a 16 inch Wiper, 14 inch Crappie, and a 24 inch Buffalo. So when main rivers are blown out - all...

Adventuring with Kids: How to get geared up for cold water paddling with Mathis Hargrove

HOW TO'S WITH THE HARGROVE CREW Mathis leads us in a video as he gets geared up in his cold gear layers, for a fun day of kayaking on the Nantahala River, in Bryson City, North Carolina. Staying warm and comfortable plays a huge part in having a GREAT DAY on the...

Best of, Worst of, Funniest of Kayak Mike 2021

Submitted by Kayak Mike In 2021 I posted about 60 videos, this highlight has a clip from every single one of them!

Reviewing the Year and Prepping for the Next

2021 is coming to a close. Plans are being made, tickets are being bought, and excitement is stirring for the coming year. But before 2022, it’s important to look back in everything that has happened the past 365 days whether it be progression, competitions, or...
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