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I took a close look at the new Flex Drive E and I am absolutely thrilled! Kick back and let your Flex Drive E Motor do the work. Compatible with all Flex Drive-equipped boats from Jackson Kayak and Blue Sky Boatworks, the Flex Drive E is an electric drive that interchanges with the pedal drive unit in seconds to offer users an alternative, effortless power source. Forward, reverse and speed are controlled by a single knob — anyone can connect and operate the Flex Drive E in minutes.

With a weight of less than 4 kg the Flex Drive E looks great on the Coosa FD, Cruise FD, Bite FD, Big Rig FD or Bly Sky Boatworks 360° Angler! Who wants to order a Flex Drive E, must first decide which power supply he will choose, as there are three different cable kits: 24V 22Ah lithium, 24V 9.6Ah lithium and 12V lithium or group deep cycle batteries. All cable kits are optimally matched to the motor and the battery. Each variant is supplied with a suitable propeller. My recommendation for Europe is to operate the Flex Dive E with a Rebelcell lithium battery. The Rebelcell batteries are great lightweights and ingenious power sources. I have done the first test drives with the Rebelcell 12V70Ah lithium battery and even after a whole weekend full throttle and trolling with 3 km/h, the battery had 60% remaining charge. For a full fishing day a Rebelcell lithium battery with less amp hours is perfect.

The forward, reverse and speed control is controlled by a single knob. Absolutely simple operation. After inserting the magnetic key, the Flex Drive E is ready to go (after a 3 second safety lock) and as the key is connected to the lever of the lower Flex Drive unit by a strap, it works like a kill switch when you have ground contact.

The benefits of a 24V battery would only be reflected in the top speed, which is factory set at 8 km/h. With the 12V battery I could reach 7 km/h. Another advantage of the 12V variant: the propeller does not have to be replaced and can therefore always be used, regardless of whether you are pedaling with the Flex Drive or using the Flex Drive E.

So if you would like to reach your hot spots without paddling or pedaling, or if you want to enjoy relaxed trolling, the Flex Drive E is exactly what you are looking for! If you want to test the Flex Drive E in Europe, contact me:!